Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sorry! Posts are Now Moderated

It's just the way of things on the internet, I guess, but It seems this little site will be a happier place if I moderate your comments from now on.

If I understand it correctly, you just need to leave your comment as usual, it will come to me as an email and I will then okay it being posted. 99% of the comments that are left here are great. Please keep them coming!

If you experience any problems with this new system, contact me at my email address.



brad said...

Hi Kris,
I left a comment awhile back about different keyboard accordions used for Irish music. What do you think of Fantini accordions? They have a smaller keyboard (30 keys) that's perfect for fiddle tunes, but also enough buttons for the left hand.
Right now I'm playing on a 48 button Hohner, and I love the small size. There's a lot more feeling of control, and I can blend in with the button boxes. In fact, one of the musicians at the last session I was at, was on my left side and couldn't see the keyboard, thought I was playing on a button box.
Anyway, just trying to gather information about Fantini accordions. They're not very common over here in the States.

Kris Hughes said...

Hi Brad - I'm afraid I don't know anything about Fantini, I've never seen or heard one personally. Do you mean a 34 key/72 bass accordion? (I never heard of a 30 key accordion - but anything's possible.)

There are quite a few interesting smaller piano boxes around these days - a lot of them don't have the same bright open sound that the little old Hohners have (some people would say that is a GOOD thing) and the best advice I can give you is to try before you buy, unless you just like collecting or buying and selling accordions.


brad said...

Thanks for the response Kris,
It is indeed a 30 keys-low g to high c, pretty much duplicating the fiddle range. The more I play on my little Hohner which only goes down to b, I think maybe I don't need those extra 4 lower notes. Also, after I learned the secret of faking B and F sharp chords with the extra row of bass buttons, I don't know if I absolutely need 12 rows of buttons to keep me happy.
I totally agree with you that nothing beats trying out the box first. Sometime, I may have to take a flight to London and check out Allodi Accordions, where it looks like they have quite a selection. Their website shows the Fantini 30SP/T which is the accordion I was considering.