Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Keeping In Touch

It's been a bit quiet here lately, but it's nice to see new people adding to the comments, and I have now added another article, below.
Just a few thoughts...

When leaving comments, perhaps you could date them. The blogger doesn't seem to do this for us (or maybe I can't operate it!) and it would be nice to know when you have visited.
Perhaps you would also consider sending me an email at kris_hughes@tiscali.co.uk , so that I have your email address. I PROMISE that I will not pass it on to anyone else, or use it to endlessly harrass you to buy things from me, etc. What I might do is send you an update very occasionally (not more than once a month) to let you know about developments here. If you want to get off my mailing list - you only have to ask once. And that's a promise, too!

- Kris

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