Sunday, September 17, 2006

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There's an interesting question about piano accordions for playing Irish music among the comments on "What's going one here?". Anybody tried any of the new generation of small piano accordions?


Anonymous said...

I have a 48 bass accordion. I love it!! Sometimes I wish I had gotten one with even less bass keys. Maybe a 24 or 12 just to start off though I know it would be limiting but that is okay. Check out MySpace : and watch the first video under the heading "Movies" and watch a classic Austin City Limits segement of the famous TEXAS TORNADOS. The Accordion Player and singer DOUG SAHM is playing what appears to be a 12 bass accordion. This is the kind of music I want to play. Tejano,Polka,Cajun etc..I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Kris Hughes said...

Hi Mike! I remember that old Austin City Limits series - I lived in the US at that time. I will check that video out when I get the chance. Will also reply to the email you sent me very soon.


Angie said...

Well, I have a 12-bass, and I guess the only thing that seriously irritates me about it is that the keyboard only offers about an octave and a half. It's not the basses that are so limiting.

It is nice to carry a lighter instrument, though. I have an old Excelsior which feels like I'm wearing a baby grand piano, and for that reason, I rarely play it.

Angie in Texas, US

Kris Hughes said...

Hi there, Angie. Welcome!

The question of small vs large accordion is a vexed one, isn't it? For a long time I preferred small ones. Partly because they are easier to carry - and that is a valid consideration depending on your lifestyle and strength. Part of my attitude about this was a kind of inverted snobbery, though - and this attitude is not uncommon on the folk and traditional music scene.

Eventually, I wanted to access the versatility of a big 5 voice 120 bass accordion, though - and the surprising thing was that I found it much easier to play than the smaller acordions I had played before. It sits very solidly in my lap (assuming the straps are adjusted the way I want them) and the depth of the bass end actually makes it easier to use my forearm on the bellows the way I want to. Not to mention that the large air volume of a big bellows means I don't have to open it as far to play a given passage of music as I would on a small box.

So am I saying bigger is better? It depends. I believe bigger is easier to play unless you are very small - at least if you are seated, hold the accordion efficiently and have your straps the right length.

I play as small light accordion for Irish stuff - it has the right sound to my ear, but I do find some aspects of the bellows control harder and my posture isn't as good.

As for a 12 bass - no, I couldn't live without minor chords!


Bill said...

I play an eighty bass Titano Polka Master for playing Irish music. It's perfect for me. I also have a 120 Fila but much prefer the smaller Titano. Besides it looks good,too.